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5 stars is not nearly enough!

5 stars is not nearly enough! Tracy helped us buy our house, after being recommended by a friend who also bought her house with Tracy. A+ in every category! She made the whole house buying process so much easier, carefully explaining everything that goes into it and patiently answers our long lists of questions. We really can't say enough good things - we've already recommended her to every friend who is even thinking of buying a house.

You need an agent who is good. You will also be spending a lot of time with your agent, and it's great to have someone friendly and helpful. Tracy is both.

Aaron & Kate |
Buyer |
El Cerrito

She really knows her stuff

Tracy is fantastic! She did such a wonderful job helping us buy a house. We were a very challenging group to work with (my husband, mother and I were all purchasing together and had a very tight budget but very complicated requirements). Tracy guided us through the process with such patience and skill. She really knows her stuff, and really knows the East Bay market. The best advice I got was from my friend who recommended Tracy to us. She said to take Tracy's advice. If Tracy says an offer is too low for a property, believe her! In this insane market and our finicky needs, we were able to have an offer accepted (the second offer we made) after only 3-4 months of looking. We got a great place at a great price and Tracy was there to walk is through the crazy process every step of the way. She was wonderful!

Anna |
Buyer |

A relentless advocate

Tracy was easy to work with, and she is a relentless advocate. She kept us motivated despite a particularly frustrating housing market, and she was extremely attentive to our needs and preferences. You'll be glad you hired her.

Bren |
Buyer |

Totally honest, hard-working, smart, and super easy to work with and talk to

It is our pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Tracy McBride.

In the summer of 2015, we were in need of a realtor to help us sell our father’s mid-century home in the Montclair hills of Oakland. Tracy was referred to us by a friend who said, 'Tracy McBride is totally honest, hard-working, smart, and super easy to work with and talk to.' This all proved to be true. But beyond being a real estate agent, she took on the role of project manager.

Given the features of this mid-century property, Tracy had a vision of how to promote and polish these features, and knew the right people to help execute that vision. She was always engaged and focused on the goal. She immediately made a punch list of tasks to be done, and made a schedule for their completion. Tracy was involved in every step of the project. She contacted and coordinated the professionals hired to help us, met them on site, and checked their progress until completion. Tracy had excellent communication skills whether verbal or written. She responded promptly to all calls, texts, or emails. She provided updates daily and a well-organized written weekly report delineating progress and the next steps of the project.

Preparing a family home for sale can be a chaotic and sometimes emotionalprocess. Tracy was always a gracious and calming presence. She took a genuine interest in our elderly father and our large family. Tracy was an absolute delight to work with and we strongly recommend her to all others needing the right person in the real estate market.

Carol & Ted B. |
Seller |

I recently sold my beloved North Berkeley home. Tracy managed the nitty-gritty details of that sale, and as a life-long project manager I have to say I have never seen anybody as on top of her game, and of details, as Tracy. She knows what it takes to present a home in its very best light in order to get the best sale price. She is absolutely relentless about making sure that all the bases are covered. She has a cadre of highly skilled and professional crafts-and-service people at her fingertips who seem willing to drop what they are doing at a moment's notice and show up to fix stuff (for example -- we had a sudden and unforeseen plumbing emergency on Super Bowl Sunday and Tracy's plumber came out to the house at half-time to take care of it). She is very proactive. She manages the paperwork and the inspections and whatever else needs doing so that you are always in the loop and always feel taken care of. She is remarkably responsive. Whenever I had a question or concern, she was a text away, day or night. Tracy helped to make what was for me a scary and overwhelming process smooth and easy, and we had a wonderful outcome. She was a joy to work with. I highly recommend Tracy to anybody considering selling their home in the East Bay.

Chansonette |
Seller |

I was impressed by her compassionate, level-headed, and grounding guidance.

Tracy was recommend to us by our loan agent. He told us that she was in the prime of her career, having both lots of energy and enthusiasm, as well as a wealth of experience. We interviewed two other real estate agents, and I was struck by Tracy's balanced perspective; she somehow has a way of holding both the challenging realities of the market, as well as the possibility of finding your way to a home you can afford, love, and make your own.

As we got into our first task of attending "20 open houses," I was impressed by her compassionate, level-headed, and grounding guidance, as my husband and I flailed around and got discouraged, looking at homes we couldn't ultimately afford. When my husband and I were going in different directions, she was understanding and skillful in handling that as well. I will not say the process of finding our home was easy, but Tracy was a consummate mentor, educator, communicator and kind-hearted companion in the process.

After only four months of searching, and having made one unsuccessful bid, Tracy helped us forge a creative bid on an unusual property. Though we thought the chances of being outbid were high, she gave it her full attention and energy. Lo and behold, we got it! She stayed up until midnight, so that she could e-mail our acceptance promptly, yet get the maximum number of days for inspections. I felt confident in the process of actually buying the home we found, because she was remarkably focused, responsive and detail-oriented, all of which helped greatly to counterbalance our overwhelm as first-time home-buyers.

A month after we moved in, I was feeling overwhelmed again, and asked for her guidance around prioritizing repairs; she was right there for me, just as she had been before the purchase. Aside from being a great real estate agent, she's also a sincere, generous and thoughtful person. Tracy is someone you just feel grateful to have in your corner and in your community

Eve |
Buyer |
El Cerrito

THE premiere realtor

Experience? Check. Professionalism? Check. Extremely hard worker? Terrific communicator? Check. Integrity? Double check. As first time homebuyers with nary a clue when we started the process, Tracy has helped us masterfully navigate the oftentimes treacherous real estate waters in this hot market area. There are many, many moving parts that need to come together before, during, and after the offer is submitted, and she is truly an expert in ALL phases of the process. We had boatloads of questions, she answered them thoroughly and expeditiously. Her trained eyes caught subtle clues about the properties' "bones" which added to our body of knowledge. She was unafraid to enter crawl spaces or further investigate nooks & crannies to obtain a true picture beyond that of the glossy marketing handout. Her network of local professionals , including loan officers, seismic engineers, home inspectors, and so forth, made the process exceptionally...painless. It's been such a pleasure working with Tracy: if we held her in any higher esteem, her silver hair would be brushing against heaven's door. In short, she is THE premiere realtor.

Glenn & Itzair |
Richmond Annex Buyer

Very communicative, informative, hardworking and assertive

Tracy helped us to buy our house in Oakland, CA. We felt so lucky to work with her. For every house that we seriously considered giving an offer, she made sure that we thought every aspect of it, she carefully studied the area and provided us with all possible information (commute, public transportation, schools and so on..). We weren't easy buyers with our limited budget but lots of criteria to meet. At times, we felt what we wanted seemed impossible. But Tracy kept her optimism and patience and kept looking for us. She suggested us a house that we would skip because of its short-sale situation. She encouraged us to go and see the property with her. We loved the house. They would collect the offers only after couple of days after the house was listed. If Tracy wasn't monitoring the market closely and wouldn't suggest to go and see the house immediately, we would miss our chance to give an offer. After seeing the house and giving the offer, within a week, we were in contract! Once we were in contract, going through short-sale process was not easy due to unknowns and waiting, but Tracy made us feel like we have a close friend working on our side, doing everything that needs to be done and planning for issues beforehand. Her personality made us feel sure that we have someone who will have a great relationship with the buyers and their agent. She was always very communicative, informative, hardworking and assertive. I think what I'm trying to say can be summed up to this: She owns the job, handles it as if it is her own and makes sure what she delivers is of high quality. She is very hardworking and have a great personality in addition to her commitment. She has extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Berkeley, Oakland, El Cerrito, Kensington and surrounding areas. She is also very knowledgeable about house renovations and very resourceful and helpful with finding great contractors. We were very very lucky to work with her. I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering buying or selling.

Ilknur |
Buyer |

I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone needing a realtor

When my 87 year old step mother decided to move out of the house she had lived in for 50 years, she talked to several realtors in the area. The materials Tracy McBride assembled for our first meeting, including market evaluations and a comprehensive marketing plan, persuaded my step-mom to pick Tracy to list her house.

From then on, Tracy became an invaluable resource, always available, responding quickly to questions, going out of her way to make my step-mom comfortable with all the unfamiliar steps and requirements. From the very beginning of the four month process Tracy was kind and considerate as well as business-like and well prepared. Her suggestions on preparing the house for sale were always balanced and presented in a low-key, straight-forward manner. She gave us multiple options for how much work to have done. She created a detailed schedule for gardeners, cleaners, painters, inspectors and all the other workers necessary to get the house ready. She project-managed the entire process while keeping us up-to-date and promptly answering all our questions. She was always happy to meet my step-mom face-to-face to answer questions but was also completely comfortable exchanging emails and text messages with me. She even helped move some houseplants in her own car.

When the house was ready, it went on the market with a suite of attractive photographs, a web site and brochure ready to go for the open house. The sales campaign, which only lasted just over a week, generated over a dozen offers at prices which far exceeded our expectations.

Tracy then met with us, presenting all the offers in a huge spreadsheet and discussing the pros and cons of each. She helped us through the process of deciding which to accept. Then followed several rounds of negotiations with the various brokers until the final buyer emerged. Throughout this rather dramatic process, Tracy's real estate expertise and levelheadedness were an enormous help as was her diligence in getting the right forms prepared and signed at the right times.

In summary, our experience with Tracy McBride was complete positive and I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone needing a realtor.

Jay |
Seller |

Truly Impressed

Rarely do I meet someone that truly impresses me. Tracy is what a real estate agent should be. We decided to work with Tracy to sell our loved home in Berkeley. Tracy was a true partner every step of the way. She gracefully navigated each step of the process and educated us along the way. Tracy was tireless with all the details, including paperwork issues, contracting bids, details of working with contractors to ensure high quality, helped out with random unexpected jobs, marketing and negotiating the final deal. With her help, we had a very solid home to put on the market and all the paperwork in order for clean offers, escrow and close. She was also great at communicating with us every step of the way. I was particularly impressed with her marketing readout. Our home sale went incredibly smooth. I can tell her years of experience and industry relationships add incredible value. All in all, we highly recommend working with Tracy!

Jessica & Shawn |
Seller |

Tracy kept things going when I couldn't be there

I recently had to sell my dad's house, a big, beautiful and historic house - unique and unusual in its layout - a project that was complicated and required thought and consideration. I am very grateful to Tracy for making this happen, and making it a positive experience.

She spent a lot of time talking to me and figuring things out about the house, discussing options, as well as researching the history of the house.

In the process of getting the house ready to show there was a lot to do and many, many details. Tracy arranged endless pick-ups and other matters and was always willing to help and be supportive, and there was always lots of communication. She was very proactive and thorough with the legal paperwork so I knew I could trust that everything was taken care of ahead of time.

It was a difficult situation for me especially since I live hours away, and Tracy kept things going when I couldn't be there, and was friendly, compassionate and kind when things were chaotic.

Above all, she had an appreciation of the house and it's wonderful features and was sensitive enough to recognize that I cared a lot about the house. I wanted to keep it original and appreciated as is, and ultimately the perfect new owner was found! I would highly recommend Tracy in the selling of any house.

Julie |
Seller |

Extremely patient

I have read other reviews and many say what I already want to say--Tracy is determined, careful, calm and does not miss a beat. From searching for homes in the East Bay while trying to sell my home in Santa Cruz, ca--to then selling my home and eventually buying my 91 year old mother's home in Berkeley, I can't say enough about Tracy--between the two of us keeping on top of the details of two sales, 80 miles apart, we did it. My mother and I are now roommates in her Berkeley home, about to start a renovation that would have not come together without Tracy's patience and faith in "the process"--and long standing and credible referrals to bankers, carpenters, the Rat Patrol and others in the Bay Area--thanks Tracy.

Karen |
Buyer |

Tracy guided us through the process gracefully

We're so glad we found Tracy McBride to help us find and purchase our first home. We faced what could have been a nightmare short sale, but Tracy guided us through the process gracefully, resulting in us landing the perfect house at a great price. She was a joy to work with and made the process almost effortless on our part. We couldn't imagine working with anyone else.

Laura |
Buyer |

Responsive, attentive, patient and pro-active.

I just closed escrow on my beloved "urban sanctuary" in central Berkeley, and I could not have done it without Tracy McBride. Tracy was sensitive to the fact that I work full time, and took the laboring oar by soliciting bids for various trades, coordinating their schedules and monitoring their work.

Tracy is responsive, attentive, patient and pro-active. She always kept me fully apprised of all developments, and promptly returned all of my voice messages and email. I have complete confidence in Tracy, and would recommend her without any reservations.

With Tracy as my agent, I received many very attractive offers for my home.

Thank you Tracy. You spoiled me with your outstanding service!

Ron |
Seller |

Not only professional and knowledgeable; she is also kind and sweet.

5 stars is not nearly enough... 6 stars is still not nearly enough!!! Tracy helped me buy my house in El Cerrito. With my busy work/travel schedule, I would not be able to buy anything without Tracy. Tracy is not only professional and knowledgeable; she is also kind and sweet. She is committed to find you the house you like! I so am lucky to have her. I trust her. Tracy is resourceful, always punctual and looks out the best interest for me. Home inspections, sewers repair, mortgage, she knows the specialist from roof to crawl space, landscaper..

5 weeks after title transfer Tracy is still helping me.

Tracy McBride, I strongy recommend her!!!

Sara |
Buyer |
El Cerrito

An exceptional combination of professionalism and depth of knowledge

When it came time to sell our long-time family estate in the Berkeley Hills, we researched the top firms in the area and interviewed a number of agents to find the right person to represent us. Tracy McBride immediately stood out above all others, bringing all the skills that one would hope to find in an agent. She displayed an exceptional combination of professionalism and depth of knowledge, along with strong inter-personal communication and coordination skills. Tracy immediately recognized the unique character of our property and developed an impressive marketing plan around it. She provided us with clear direction on how to maximize the value of our home and increase the likelihood of a quick sale. Tracy is pro-active and very steady; her initial guidance enabled us to avoid major surprises, and her outstanding problem-solving skills allowed us to quickly get past minor issues. Tracy supported us by coordinating and overseeing the efforts of several different inspectors, service people, and vendors. We truly couldn't have found a better agent to represent us, and we are pleased to recommend her to you without reservation.

Stacey |
Seller |