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Buyers Overview

I am a relentless advocate for you in this challenging East Bay market:

Finding a property that you love and winning the successful offer is my goal. I offer a complimentary and confidential meeting to:

• Hear your housing goals
• Discuss how to be prepared for your offer; we are a team. Are you ready to offer and look together to find your home?
• Review neighborhoods and typical attributes of our housing stock
• Discussing pre-offer strategy
• Understand the offer process
• Know about escrow and closing
• Schedule next steps and including a communication plan

Your first step is selecting an agent to represent you. Why Tracy McBride is the best agent for you:

• As a top-producing agent I am well respected in the real estate community and I have extensive expertise in home renovations.
• You can count on me for honest feedback and a wealth of resources to help you evaluate the property.  
• While you are the decision maker, I know the agent community and how to strategize for your attractive offer. It is important to me you fully understand all aspects of the process and feel good about moving forward.

Buyer Interview– I welcome a complimentary no-obligation meeting to discuss your goals. Here is a suggested agenda:

1. Introduction, how I work, what you can expect from me. I provide you with my Buyer Guide.
2. Answer your questions .
3. Review your questionnaire/housing goals .
4. Provide an overview of the market & what it takes to get an offer accepted.
5. Discuss communication plan, team approach .
6. Shall we work together and set up next steps?
7. You will have my Buyer Guide and I'll follow up with any needed resources.