East Bay Realtor

Welcome to East Bay! Home of diverse neighborhoods, beautiful homes and parks, amazingly delicious food and contemporary culture.  It is a privilege to serve buyers with your milestone purchase and sellers parting with your nest egg. Because I value your trust, you can expect the highest service at all times.

What People Are Saying

Tracy is fantastic! She did such a wonderful job helping us buy a house. We were a very challenging group to work with (my husband, mother and I were all purchasing together and had a very tight budget but very complicated requirements). Tracy guided us through the process with such patience and skill. She really knows her stuff, and really knows the East Bay market. The best advice I got was from my friend who recommended Tracy to us. She said to take Tracy's advice. If Tracy says an offer is too low for a property, believe her! In this insane market and our finicky needs, we were able to have an offer accepted (the second offer we made) after only 3-4 months of looking. We got a great place at a great price and Tracy was there to walk is through the crazy process every step of the way. She was wonderful!