Albany is not so large geographically so that neighborhoods are divided. However, there are still landmarks and major streets that segment the city. The primary neighborhoods and nearby landmarks of Albany are:

Memorial Park

Adjacent to Albany High School, this is a favorite social gathering spot.

Solano Ave

This popular street with the Albany Twin theater crosses San Pablo, and has been booming with new businesses.

West of San Pablo, Albany Hill

There may be a small pricing discount west of San Pablo. Many 3-level homes are on Albany Hill (El Cerrito hill, the “little hill”), with views of the Berkeley hills.

Near Westbrae/Marin Ave

As Berkeley and Albany meet, these homes are closer to Westbrae shops at Gilman/Santa Fe and the Whole Foods Market on Gilman Street.

Albany Links sampler City and Schools:

Food, theater, parks, community:

  • Albany Tap Room
  • Albany Twin Theater
  • Little Star Pizza
  • The Albany “Bulb” park
  • Nearby Point Isabel park